For inquiries about volunteering or leading a workshop please email:

We are also always accepting material donations, here are some things we always need:
tempura paint, watercolor paint, colored pencils, markers, paint brushes, paper of all types and sizes, tape, staplers, scissors, glue sticks, liquid glue, hot glue sticks, construction paper, toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap...If you think of anything else not on this list, shoot us an email!

Past Workshop guests:
Symara Johnson
Kalipe Piersol
Chioma Ebinama
Hakeem Olayinka
Catherine Feliz
Andrea Fisher
ZOCA Lotion
Ingrid Burrington
Elisa McMahon  
Jeanine Han
Will Stewart  
Frank Traynor  
Andrea Bonin  
Maggie Scott
Elisa McMahon  
Jeanine Han
Chris Viaggio  
Sophie Gell
Sorry Archive  
Angela Dimayuga  
Maia Ruth Lee
Nathaniel DeLarge
Ficus Interfaith  
Eric Oglander  
Lexie Smith  
Alex Jacobs  
Sol Hashemi  
Calvin Seibert
 Anne Libby  
Jen Monroe
Shal Ngo
Hisham Baroocha
Allen Riley
Heather Kramer