Arts in Parts was in established December 2012.

During a time when our social, political and environmental climate are in danger, it is crucial that education includes a strong emphasis around science, art and technology. 

We want to create a consciousness around the lack of representation for students of color in education. It is essential that the young minds of today see themselves represented in leadership roles and are able to learn in a space they are trusted and empowered.

As an organization we are intentional in our efforts to represent the diversity of the community we serve. We respond to current, community-identified needs and think access is most important in spite of obstacles and challenges. We are invested in creating a space centered around the history and experience of POC educators and learners, however, all are welcome!

Bianca, Carel, Lilly, Sophie and Gala,  a part of our SEA LEVEL 2018 crew.

Bianca, Carel, Lilly, Sophie and Gala, a part of our SEA LEVEL 2018 crew.

How we got started:

After Hurricane Sandy, many schools in Rockaway, NY closed due to major storm damage. A group of artists and farmers felt the urgency to provide the youth of Rockaway with resources for learning and creating in the wake of their school closures.

The founders set out to create a program that uses our natural environment as a classroom where young people develop teamwork and creative problem solving skills.

By offering free workshops, the hope was to eliminate the barriers that often keep youth in low income areas from accessing the highest quality educational opportunities.